Apnea Therapy Home Test Study: Pros, Cons & Procedures

The information shared here concerning the procedures, pros and cons of apnea home test study is of relative importance for those with apnea condition. By reading this post you will get informed if you need a home sleep test or in-lab test as someone suffering from sleep breathing disorder. You may prefer HT studies over the clinic or hospital check up at the end of this article.

apnea home test study

Before thinking of purchasing a CPAP machine as an obstructive sleep apnea patient, you need to conduct a home sleep test. This is aimed at studying the severity of your apnea condition.

HTS studies require the patient’s spending a night at home doing the check up all by oneself with the help of simple HTS device while the in-lab sleep test requires you staying a clinic or hospital with a sleep technician who does supervise the study. The tech is required to look into your medical archive, sleep behavior and possible sleep issues to determine if home sleep test is good for you. However, not everyone can fit into this study.

Before you think of embarking on HTS there are some up’s and drawbacks you should know.

The Pros of HTS

Home Sleep Study Cons

You may not know if the sensor falls off whereas in the lab a sleep technician can restore it back to position. And if the sensor falls off for long hours, you may have to conduct another home sleep study.

You may not know if the sensor falls off whereas in the lab a sleep technician can restore it back to such as congestive heart failure, severe obstruction, COPD (pulmonary disease), RLS (restless legs syndrome) and other issues that may require patient monitoring.

This test required diagnosis. Since HTS does not use an EEG to determine the process accurately when the person fall asleep, the entire process may need to be recorded from the beginning to the end where as the in lab test, records are correctly taken and only the sleep time is scored. And if the sensor falls off for long hours, you may have to conduct another home sleep study. Home sleep test is only ideal for individual with breathing disorder. Not good for those suffering other ailment

But if your sleep specialist is able to determine home test study is best for you then you will be invited to pick up your test device and a demon practice will be done for you on how to use it. In addition, an instruction guide as well.

Different HTS Devices and Their Components

In the market, lots of home sleeps test tools and the parameters they measures may varies. But all should comprise of this parts:

The HTS device attaches to the chest belt and runs with a battery. It usually worn in front so that those who sleep with their belly can easily adjust their positions as they sleep. Approximately, they come in Smartphone sizes and less thickness but usually weightless.

How to Use Your Home Sleep Test Device?

If you happen to a specialist to pick up your sleep test device, you will be shown how to attach it, remove, and turn it on and off. The whole process won’t take up to five to ten minutes to start running home sleep test.

If you bought your sleeping test device online, you will need to register with a clinic because after running the test at night, you have to send it to the clinic for interpretation by sleep specialist.

In the end of the test, you are to buy a CPAP machine and CPAP mask so that you can start your therapy treatment every night as you sleep.

For the most therapy your health physician is expected to recommend a suitable apnea machine for you, if not  you can as well read through our comprehensive CPAP machine reviews and guide provided here. This can guide you through the entire process of finding a best machine for apnea cases.

You also need a comfortable CPAP mask. However, people sleeps in different positions likewise breathe with either nose or mouth. Here you’ll able to learn more about right sleep therapy mask for you.

Final Thought

With the view of the entire consideration of the topic of discussion, we hope you were able to know what a home test study is by now. Why many people may not undergo this test before starting their sleep therapy treatment using a CPAP machine and mask, some can’t escape it. However if your doctor recommends it for you, don’t hesitate. It is for your owe good so that they can help you find a pressure airways passage machine that is right for the severity of your sleep apnea. However, test run at home is good for some patients while others may prefer spending the night in clinic for examination.  Whichever one, mention you comply with your treatment therapist

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