Choosing the Right CPAP Mask: The Pros, Cons and Other Considerations

Choosing the Right CPAP Mask

Discovery the best CPAP mask is important for continuous air pressure to aid breathing process. With so many masks of different sizes, shapes and style available, deciding on the right one can be a little daunting process as there is no particular CPAP mask that is best for any apnea patients. The only way to go about it is to finding a suitable mask that meet your personal breathing requirement, sleeping style and your comfort levels. However, in this article we like to share with you some key aspect and things to consider in buying a mask as an OSA patient so that you are able to find an ideal mask for your night sleep.

Here are the 3 classifications of the types of CPAP mask:

1. Nasal pillow mask

Among CPAP users, the nasal pillow mask is the most common because of its small design. They are smallest types of CPAP masks. This mask rest on the patient’s upper lips as the device push pressured air through the 2 nasal tubes connected into the user nostril and is hold by a strap which can be worn around the head.

The benefits of the nasal pillow

The Drawbacks of  Pillow CPAP  Mask

2. The Nasal CPAP masks

These are triangular in shape. It is worn over the nose covering the bridge area of the nose and the user upper lip. These masks are also common among wearer as they come in various sizes and fitness, making it possible to find a perfect one.

The nasal mask benefits

The Downside of Nasal Masks

3. The Full face mask

This usually covers the entire full face; the mouth, nose and all other parts of the face. It comes with side straps that secure the mask in place. Some of the advanced ones are designed with nasal prong that fits into the nasal passages just like the nasal pillow.

Benefits of CPAP mask

The cons

Things to consider before choosing the right CPAP Mask

  1. When finding a CPAP machine, you should consider the size, fitness and comfort level to have from the mask. If these three features are not met, you will likely not to comply with CPAP therapy. If you are buying online, check that these things are in line with your needs and if you are shopping offline, you can test as many masks to know which one is perfect for your apnea therapy.
  2. Talk with DME technician if you’re an active sleeper to know which is best to purchase.
  3. Let your technician know if you are claustrophobic or there are some parts of your head that do get irritated easily.
  4. If you are the type that likes to watch TV, read or wearing glasses while in bed look for the nasal pillow types as the best.
  5. People breathing with mouth should consider the nasal or full face masks as the recommended choice but should be come with chin strap for support.
  6. CPAP masks come in cushion type like the silicon, gel, cloth, foam etc. Find which convenient for you.
  7. It is also very important to know if the choices you have made have a replaceable cushion.

However, for the most comfortable sleep apnea therapy you need the right cpap mask. Finding the right one should be your concern. Good luck!


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